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The United Methodist Church is a global mainline denomination that is uniquely connectional. Our congregations are covenant partners with one another. We share leadership and structure, doctrine and accountability, service and missions. One of the ways we stay connected is that local churches are grouped geographically into regional offices called “Districts,” supervised by a District Superintendent (DS). Together, those districts form a larger area, the Annual Conference, that is led by a bishop. Learn more here about our Annual Conference. The Columbia District is formed by almost 70 different United Methodist congregations, and it represents a great diversity of people and communities from rural to inner-city, large membership to small, traditional to emergent contemporary, and new church starts to campus ministry. In recent years, our motto has been “Together we can do more!” because, through our connection, the district and this United Methodist movement can be a powerful disciple-forming community for Christ Jesus. Like a body with many unique parts, or a cord of many strands, we are at our best and at our strongest when we are together, in Christ. Learn more here about our District Superintendent.

The District Secretary

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Veronica Williams is the administrative extraordinaire for the Columbia District. Among her other many responsibilities, Veronica is also the point-person in the district office for sharing communications across our many churches and communities. Whether pastoral and family concerns, and prayer requests, or event announcements, registrations, and fliers, contact Veronica in order to help spread the word.

She can be reached by email at veronica@umcsc.org or via the Columbia District email at codist@umcsc.org.

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