Lay Servant Ministry

The Columbia District Lay Servant Ministries (LSM) is a program to provide training opportunities and experiences to equip disciples of Jesus Christ to recognize and respond to their individual calling in the ministry. Lay Servant Ministries strive to help disciples become aware of their particular gifts by offering education to enhance and develop the skills necessary to bring them to fruition.  Lay servants are equipped to be leaders in their local church, serve in the community, and with advanced training, can fill the pulpit in the pastor’s absence.

The Columbia LSM classes are offered twice a year (Fall and Spring) to help, support and educate our laity in the Lay Servant Ministry.  More information and forms can be found here:

Remember you must be recommended by your Pastor and approved by the Charge Conference to become an official part of the LSM.

The Columbia District Directors for the LSM are:

Chuck Sovick: Co-Director 

LSM, Columbia District

Sylvia Harris-Green Co-Director

LSM, Columbia District