District Missions

Ministry is coordinated across the Columbia District through a body known as District Connectional Ministries (DCM). The DCM consists of lay people and clergy throughout the District who are teamed together into four primary areas of ministry: Advocacy, Discipleship, Outreach, and Lay Leadership. This body tries to communicate so much ministry and mission that is already taking place across the District in the local church, and it also tries to coordinate combined efforts.

One of the most significant ways that the Columbia District serves together is in Missions. Beginning with the work of the Outreach team, the DCM works to review and approve the missions that our district will focus on each year, and these select ministries are known as District Mission Specials. The District also coordinates year to year to support specific missionaries around the globe.   Click on District Mission Specials and Missionaries below to find out more.

District Mission Specials and Missionaries


Missionary Profile: Sara Flores

Sara is a General Board of Global Ministries Missionary (GBGM) serving in Ecuador. See a fuller profile at  http://www.umcmission.org/explore-our-work/missionaries-inservice/missionary-profiles/Flores-Sara
The District has entered into a Mission Covenant with Sara through GBGM. Our commitment is to provide her with support totaling $3,000 annually for at least three years. We invite your congregation to take on a share of the responsibility with us. This gives your congregation the opportunity to be a part of a covenant in support of  an international missionary. This enables your church to be part of one at the finical level that works for your churches budget. So, your church can give $5 or $500 per year it’s up to your church. In return we will make sure that you receive ongoing information about the work that Sara is involved in through the Evangelical Methodist Church of Ecuador.   We hope to be sending a district mission team to work side by side with Sara in the 2019. This is intended to be an open district team for any and all persons interested. If your congregation already has an established connection with a Missionary please let the District Office know. We are beginning to try to put together a list of all the variety of national and international mission work that is being accomplished in the district.

 Rev. Dr. Luke Rhyee

Dr. Rhyee Luke is a former pastor of the Columbia Korean UMC in the Columbia District.  He is an ordained elder of the S.C. Conference and a medical doctor.  He now is serving with Healing Guatemala and is affiliated with The Mission Society. To learn more and to support Luke and his ministry please do so directly through the Mission Society via his website: http://www.healingguatemala.org
If your congregation already has an established connection with a Missionary please let the District Office know.  

To actively engage in supporting either Sara Flores or Luke Rhyee, please click on the letter below.

A Letter on Missionary Support