Exellence in Ministry Training January 13, 2019

Excellence in Ministry Training, January 13, 2018

For Pastors, Staff, Church Officers and any Church Member

Gathering: 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm;   Opening Session & Workshops: 3:00-5:30pm

Washington Street United Methodist Church

*You will attend only one workshop.   You are encouraged to bring several staff and church leaders.


How to Reach New People:  Practical Evangelism”  19Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always….” (Matt. 28:19-20)  We are disciples with a commission to “Go” into the world and spread the “Good News” and yet, far too many of us fear the mere thought of evangelism because we have lost the skills, and need training.  Just as Jesus trained his disciples in “The Way”, we must also make and train disciples, but we need to train ourselves first. Our commission is to seek the lost sheep and bring them into a personal relationship with Jesus.  Are you ready?   Facilitator:  Andy Colucci, Lay Servant, Lay Leader, Lebanon UMC

Taking Care of God’s Money– If you’re on the Finance Committee, come hear about clergy payroll, tax related questions, and the new remittance form for apportionments.  We will discuss effective ways to be transparent in sharing financial updates with the church.  There will also be open Question & Answer time. Facilitator: Beth Westbury, Conference Administrator/Treasurer

 “Finding a Way Forward:  General Conference February 2019” – As we move toward the called General Conference, we wonder “What might happen to our UMC?” Learn about the 3 plans from the Commission on the Way Forward, and the potential impact to churches and pastors.  This workshop is open to all, but especially important for Council Chair, SPRC Chair and Lay Leader.  Facilitator:  Rev. Dr. Cathy Jamieson, Columbia District Superintendent

 “Church Security and Safety” – This program will give an overview of church security procedures, while enabling the church to maintain a welcoming atmosphere.  We will also discuss situational awareness with the Rings of Security, which include your immediate location within a facility and the subsequent areas you can escape for shelter.  Facilitator:  Jim Ellis, Southern Mutual Church Ins., Shandon member

“Taking Care of Business” – The Trustees have very important duties to care for the business of God’s church.  Learn how to effectively take care of property, insurance, bequests, legal issues, deeds, etc.  Facilitator:  Kay Crowe, Conference Chancellor

 “Safe Sanctuary Policies in the Age of Social Media”  – How do you protect your children, vulnerable adults, volunteers, and staff in this age of Social Media?  We live in a time where the threats from the outside can easily find their way inside through our use of social media.  Learn how to create and sustain a culture of caution and care that safeguards your congregation and community.    Facilitator: Rev. Millie Nelson Smith, Congregational Specialist for Columbia and Hartsville

 “A Well-Oiled Machine: The Local Church Mission Team”  – This session will begin with a bit of introduction to the District Mission Specials (including district wide international mission opportunities), Conference Missions and the UMC Global Ministries.   Following that we will delve into the “who, what, when and a bit of how” a Mission/Outreach Committee operates within the church. Next we will move onto how to start with organizing things.  All along the way there will be time for conversation and exploration of local situations.   This session is not just for the chair of the committee, but for the whole Mission/Outreach team.  Facilitator:  Rev. Gary D. Phillips, Salem UMC  

 “Lay Delegates” – Annual Conference 2019 will be important, as we will elect lay and clergy delegates to  Jurisdictional and General Conference 2020.  This session will help Annual Conference Lay Delegates and anyone desiring to run as a delegate to Jurisdictional and General Conference, to understand the process for selection of Bishops, and the importance of our connectional church. All Lay Delegates, Alternate Lay Delegates and anyone desiring to be a delegate to Jurisdictional or General Conf. are encouraged to attend. Facilitator:  Rev. Ken Nelson, Director of Clergy Services Annual Conference Secretary

 “Digital Church Communications”“Digital Church Communications” – This workshop will share best practices in digital church communications, such as web and social media strategies for local churches and ministries, and the continuing management of those strategies. Those with “a little” to “some” familiarity with web and social media ministry would benefit most from this training, but all are welcome. This course also can provide real-world feedback on your church’s existing digital communications. For more about that feedback, please email communications@umcsc.org by Dec. 30.  Facilitator:  Dan O’Mara, S.C. Conference Communications Coordinator

“Advocacy”  – The UMC has a long history of concern for social justice. Wesley and the early Methodists expressed their opposition to slavery, smuggling, prison conditions, alcohol abuse, and child labor.  Today, the relationships we form in our communities, through direct service and mercy ministries, lead us to be a voice for justice. We cannot be silent when our neighbors are impacted by broken social, economic and political systems that result in poverty, conflict, and oppression. This workshop will educate you about becoming a voice for social justice and provide information that will connect you to community groups, events, and programs to increase your knowledge and involvement as we build a movement for justice.   Facilitator:  Rev. Scott Smoak, Pastor, Virginia Wingard UMC, Rev. Christopher Greene, Pastor, Shiloh UMC

Epworth Local Church Representative: Be the Face and Voice” – As the Epworth LCR for your congregation you are the face and voice of our children to those in your community. By attending this workshop you will receive practical advice materials, and ideas that will work in aiding you and your congregation to become an increasingly effective change agent in giving children, youth, and families hope and help as they move toward more productive lives.  Facilitator:  Sherri Mims, Assoc. Director of Church Relations/Exec. Assistant to the President, Epworth