Light of the World

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was in the beginning with God. 3All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. What has come into being 4in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.  5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.   John 1:1-5

As I’ve gotten older, I find it more difficult to drive at night.  I wear mono-vision contacts, which means one contact is for distance and one for reading.  In the dark, I need my progressive lens glasses, which give me distance and reading vision in both eyes.   It’s also hard to do yoga in dim lighting.  Balancing poses are impossible.   Even in a brightly lit room, if the yoga instructor asks us to close our eyes in a balancing pose, I fall.  It’s also impossible to read in the dark.  I really don’t like those energy-saving light bulbs.   Ever try walking in the dark without a flashlight?  I meander like a drunk sailor.  The bottom line is that without light, we are lost.   This has been a very dark year, a global pandemic, political divisiveness, racial injustice, and economic crisis.  Perhaps that’s why we all were excited about the merging of Jupiter and Saturn, revealing the Christmas Star on December 21, the longest night of the darkest year.   We long for brighter days, free from brokenness and suffering.  We hope that 2021 will be a better year, but I hate to tell you, there will always be brokenness and suffering in our lives and in the world.  That’s what it means to be human, and to live in the imperfect world.   Into the brokenness and suffering, Jesus shines His light, offering hope, love, grace, peace and joy.   God chose to come to earth, to enter into our brokenness and suffering, and even use brokenness and suffering upon the cross, to bring us abundant and everlasting life.    L.R. Knost wrote, “Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of this world.  All things break.  All things can be mended.  Not with time as they say, but with intention.  So go, love intentionally, extravagantly, and unconditionally.  The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.”   May the light of the world, Jesus Christ, be born anew in you this Christmas.   And may you reflect His light.

Namaste, the light in me honors the light in you.


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