Virtual Leadership Training, Jan 24, 2021

Excellence in Ministry Virtual Training, January 24, 2021, Sunday 

Opening Session: 3:00pm                                          Workshops: 3:30-4:30pm

This will be a Zoom training.  You will receive an email with the Zoom link AFTER you register on-line (registration link at the bottom of this post).  You will attend only one workshop.   

  • “How to Reach New People in a Pandemic and Beyond” – Rev. Martin Quick, Assoc. Pastor, Journey UMC
  • “Taking Care of God’s Money:  Finance and Stewardship” – Beth Westbury, Conference Treasurer
  •  “Taking Care of Business:  Trustees” –  Kay Crowe, Conference Chancellor
  • “Congregational Care in the Pandemic and Beyond”- Rev. Alston Lippert, Assoc. Pastor, Washington St. UMC
  •  “Resolving Conflict in the Church” –  Rev. Millie Nelson Smith, Director of Connectional Ministries & Congregational Specialist 
  • “How to Start and Grow Special Needs Ministry” – Rev. Shannon Bullion, Assoc. Minister of Evangelism & Outreach, Shandon UMC
  • “Enhancing Worship: Live Stream and in Person” – Rev. Gary Phillips, Senior Pastor, Salem UMC & Rev. Scott Smoak, Trinity UMC, Blythewood
  • “Epworth Local Church Representative: Be the Face and Voice” – Rev. Kathy James, Director of Church Relations, Sherry Mims, Associate Dir. of Church Relations and Assistant to the President; Lisa Livingston Fusco, Senior Director of Development 
  • “Strengthening Youth Ministry in a Pandemic and Beyond” – Chris Lynch, Congregational Specialist, Rock Hill and Spartanburg and Ministry with Young People
  • “Strengthening Ministry with Children” – Ashley Reynolds, Director of Children & Youth Ministry, Red Bank UMC               

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