Leading and Living in Anxious Times

There can be no doubt. We are living and leading in anxious times: a pandemic, racial injustice, political divisiveness, economic crisis, violence and unrest, church shut-down/restart, and the uncertainty of the future of our denomination. While we may think of this time as extraordinary, it’s certainly not the first time in history when the world was in turmoil. As people of faith, we may turn to the scriptures and find stories of anxious times: the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt, Esther trying to stop her husband/king from annihilating the Jews, Naomi grieving the death of her husband and two sons, David facing Goliath, the Israelites in exile, the Jews living under Roman oppression, and Paul persecuted and imprisoned. In all these stories, we see that God was still at work, God was present, and God was victorious in bringing healing and redemption. The cross reminds us that violence, death and suffering are not the final word. Jesus Christ is the final word, the Word become flesh, who made his dwelling among ordinary people who faced extraordinary anxious times. In the cross and resurrection we find hope of a new beginning, new life. We are in the “in between” time – like Jesus, trapped in the dark tomb for 3 days. We long for the bright light of Easter morning, and the joy of resurrection. While we await a more peaceful time, we need to be patient, pray without ceasing. trust in God, live one day at a time, share our burdens with one another, look for signs of grace, and breathe deeply.

The Upper Room has created resources for anxious times, and you may find devotionals here:


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