A Simple Mission to Do From Home

Below is an opportunity from Rev. Kathy James, Director of Church Relations, Epworth


In this time of uncertainty, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to assist an invisible group of folks in our communities.  Kinship Caregivers are family members raising their family member’s children.  Think of grandparents raising grandchildren and using up their retirement savings to do so.  Think of Sara and Joe, with 3 kids of their own, raising Joe’s sister’s 2 kids as well.  At Epworth we have learned of some kinship care needs in Richland County, many of which can be addressed by an Amazon order from your home.  Below are the needs:

Disinfectant wipes and spray

Baby wipes





Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Gas Cards

Address for shipping or drop off:

4 Northfield Court, Columbia, SC 29229

Thank you for receiving this need and for responding to it as you are able.  Also, I look forward to working with your church to develop a foster care ministry and/or a ministry with parents in your community.  Now, when everything is still, is a time for dreaming and planning.  Let me know how I can help!


Kathy James, Director of Church Relations

Epworth Children’s Home


(803) 256-7394, ext. 200

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