Excellence in Ministry Training for Pastors and Laity

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Excellence in Ministry Training for Pastors and Laity 

Washington Street United Methodist Church

November 12, 2017

Gathering: 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Opening and Workshops: 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.


 Taking Care of God’s Money– Church Finance Committee chairperson, treasurer, or other finance committee members will learn how to have effective finance policies, how to help prevent embezzlement, how to do an effective audit, and how apportionments are calculated.   Facilitator – Beth Westbury, Conference Administrator/Treasurer

 Congregational Care isn’t only the Pastor’s Job – Information will be shared on how to start (or re-start an inactive) Stephen’s Ministry.  This is a wonderful program for lay people to give one-on-one Christian care to those in need.  Facilitator – Rev. Tresco Shannon, Pastor, Ashland UMC

Show me the Money” – What kind of District and Conference grants are available and how do you apply?   PanelRev. Lex McDonald, Chair of District Congregational Development; Rev. Sara White, Director of Conference Congregational Development; Rev. Steve Gaither,  Chair of the Conference Board of Global Missions

You’re Never Too Old – Learn how to engage older adults in the church and from the community in activities, spiritual growth, education, trips, and more!  Facilitators – Flo Johnson and Rev. Kathy Griffin, Leaders of Older Adult Ministry

 “Dare we use the Word – Evangelism?” Why are Methodists so afraid of Evangelism?  What can you as pastor or Evangelism/Outreach Chair do to help your church reach new people?  Facilitator – Rev. Dr. Cathy Jamieson, D.S.

 “Taking Care of Business” – Trustees have important oversight of property, facilities, bequests, legal issues, deeds, and more! Facilitator: Kay Crowe, Conference Chancellor

 “Strengthening the African-American Church” – Ethnic Local Church Concerns exists to provide resources and promote training for leaders, clergy and lay, for the mission of the local church in the areas of local church concerns. The goal is to create a shared vision, improve effectiveness of ministry and participate in the development of practical ways of living out the faith in the church and the world. Facilitator: Rev. Millie Smith, Congregational Specialist for Columbia and Hartsville Districts and  African American Churches

 “A Well-Oiled Machine: The Local Church Mission Team”  – The who, what, when and a bit of how a Mission or Outreach Committee operates in the local church. This is not just for the chair of the committee, but the whole team. We will start with one possible distinction in the difference in Outreach and Mission as they apply to the work of each area. Then we’ll move onto getting a handle on how to start with organizing things.  All along the way there will be time for conversation and exploration of local situations. We’ll end with an introduction to District Mission Specials, Conference  Missions and the UMC Global Ministries.   Facilitators:  Rev. Elizabeth Murray, Lexington UMC & Rev. Gary D. Phillips, Salem UMC  

“Let the Children Come to Me” – As teachers and leaders our role is to provide a foundation of experiences on which children build a life of learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith.  Children need to experience the same Bible stories and Christian concepts at several different stages of their faith journey, because their ability to understand the concepts continues to evolve as they grow. We will discuss using the appropriate resources for the development of each child.  Facilitators: Suzy Speas, Director of Education Ministries, Ashland UMC and Rev. Meg Cook, Epworth Children’s Home.

 Registration:  Deadline: November 6, 2017                                                                 Questions:  Email – Betty Void, District Lay Leader, betty0629@att.net                       or contact  Columbia District Office, (803) 786-9486

REGISTER AT THIS LINK                                               https://goo.gl/forms/jr6MQ5nW0ujif8v23


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