Training for SPRC and Pastors

Managing staff, legal issues about hiring and firing, evaluating the pastor, discerning when its time for a change in appointment – all of these can be difficult issues.  In an effort to improve training/support for SPRC and pastors, we are inviting the ENTIRE SPRC and ALL Pastors. 

SPRC & Pastor Training, August 27, 4:00pm, Mt. Hebron UMC , 3050 Leaphart Road, West Columbia.  (BEWARE OF CONSTRUCTION:  Park to the right of the sanctuary and behind Temperance Building near cemetery on Hebron Drive).  

The following topics will be included, and you can also sign up at the training to receive sample personnel policies, discipline forms, performance reviews, safe sanctuary policies, leave forms, job descriptions, etc.

  1. Opening Session – Rev. Dr. Cathy Jamieson, D.S.  – Sanctuary
  2. General duties of SPRC
  3. Evaluation of pastor and staff – NO surprises at evaluation time!
  4. Advisory Form – Do I stay or do I go?  “There is a time for everything under the heavens….”
  5.  Break-out Groups based on Staff Size
  • Chris Carver, Human Resources Director, Mt. Horeb UMC  – “Best Practices for SPRC in the Large Church”  (25 + employees)
  • Rev. Matt Yon, Pastor, Bethel UMC – “Best Practices for SPRC in the mid-size Church”  (6-24 employees)
  • Rev. Dr. Cathy Jamieson – “Best Practices for the SPRC in the small Church” (5 or less employees)

REGISTER AT THIS LINK – Either the pastor or SPRC Chair should register the entire group (we simply need a head count, not individual names of every SPRC member).

Register here


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