Health Kits for Hurricane Matthew

Dear Fellow Pastors,

            Our Governor, Nikki Haley, would like to hand out health kits to the folks in need as she tours the areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew. In turn we need as many of you who have health kits prepared to bring them to the Conference office as soon as possible. We need them to the Conference Office in Columbia no later than Monday of next week.

            If you do not have any health kits prepared and your people have been wanting a way to assist those affected by the Hurricane, this is a wonderful opportunity to channel your churches desire to help. Any kits not used by the Governor will be used by our ERT and UMVIM relief teams as the recovery continues.

            Finally, please do me a favor and e-mail me by Thursday evening the number of kits you can have to the Conference office by Monday. We need to make sure that we will have enough. My  e-mail address is  Thanks a bunch.

P.S. The recipe for UMCOR Health Kits can be found at the follow web address :

In Christ,

Tony Rowell

Columbia District Disaster Relief Coordinator


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