Job post-Boiling Springs UMC


2373 Calks Ferry Road – Lexington, SC  29073


 The Praise Team Leader (PTL) must possess the ability to sing and play instrument(s), and have the knowledge and understanding of electronic systems and synthetic instruments.  This Job Description is subject to change as needed, by the Pastor, the SPRC, and at the suggestion of the PTL.  The Praise Team Leader (PTL) is responsible to the Pastor and the Committee on Staff Parish Relations chairperson.

  1. The PTL will be primarily responsible for providing music at our 8:30 AM Sunday morning Worship Service. The PTL will have the option to use whatever means or instruments available to complete this ministry.
  2. The PTL will recruit other interested persons to create a Praise Team. This Praise Team can be composed of any persons, regardless of age, who have the ability to participate.  This responsibility includes the arrangement of practice sessions as needed.  It will be at the discretion of the PTL to use the Praise team as they best deem appropriate.
  3. The PTL will work with the 10:30 AM worship leaders as needed.  Occasionally, the PTL will provide music for the 10:30 AM Service at the request or need of the Pastor, including at special Services.
  4. The PTL will attend our Worship Committee meetings, and be prepared to present a verbal report as to what they are currently working on or planning.
  5. The PTL will submit vacation requests to the Pastor in advance, and it will be their responsibility to recruit all needed volunteers to fill in while away. Vacation time will be in accordance with the BSUMC Vacation Policy currently in effect.
  6. As already stated above, the PTL is responsible to the Pastor and the SPRC. Should there be concerns, they should be communicated directly to the Pastor
  7.  Salary is commensurate with experience.  For further information, please contact Mrs. Sandra Ballington, chairperson of our Staff Parish Relations Committee (803-359-5708/ or me at any time.

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