Welcome New Pastors

“Know that I am with you, and will keep you wherever you go…..”   Genesis 28:15

It’s Moving Day!  You may be unpacking, trying to find a dish so you can eat, getting lost on the way to the hospital, setting up office (why do I have so many books?), frantically preparing the first sermon, and it’s 99 degrees in “Famously Hot Columbia.” Welcome to the Columbia District!  You bring gifts that are needed at this time and in this place. Trust that God will use you for His purpose and God will sustain you each day with grace sufficient for all your needs.   Welcome pastors in new appointments:  Alisha Hansen, Bob & Linda Dunn, Cynthia & Stephen Taylor, Patricia Parrish & Gary Phillips, James Friday, Jeri Katherine Warden- Sipes, Mac Kinnett, Matt Yon, Phil Reynolds, Smoke Kanipe, Tammy Blom, Tresco Shannon, Trevor Miller, Millie Nelson Smith.    rainbow isaiah


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