Spiritual Day Retreat after Easter

Lent and Easter can be spiritually exhilarating but physically exhausting.  From Ash Wednesday to Holy Week to Sunrise Service, you work long hours.  I offer you a day of silence and serenity:  Mepkin Abbey Tour, April 5, 11:30am, Tuesday. Meet at the Methodist Center at 8:15am to car pool.  The $5.00 tour includes beautiful gardens, wood carvings of Christ, the library, the new retreat center, and worship with the monks.    After the tour, we will eat lunch and return by 4:30pm.  Let me know if you have a church bus we can use.  SIGN UP BY USING THE COMMENT BOX BELOW TO WRITE YOUR NAME.

Mepkin Abbey: Cathedral of Trees
By Cathy Jamieson-Ogg

Live Oak,
Old man
With gray moss beard, scraggly, unkept.
Wide trunk, wrinkled bark,
Back bent over
From years of carrying heavy limbs.
Gnarled fingers, twisted together, reaching up in prayer
To the sky-light, God.
Roots firmly grasp Mother Earth,
Hold fast through hurricane’s blast
Old man tree
You speak to me,
In whispers on the breeze,
Stories of faithful monks
Who have walked softly, silently
Under your outstretched arms.
Their fingers clasped in prayer.
Their voices lifted in song.                                                                                                                       Their lives rooted in Christ.




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